Introduction to Audio Storytelling & Podcasting

Fundamentals Level // 5-Week Online Course

Introduction to Audio Storytelling & Podcasting

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September 07 - October 11

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Instructor: Rhonda J. Miller

Podcasting is the new blogging—an easy, effective way to share information or personal stories with a wide audience. This five-week course will help you get started, with overviews and discussions of how to choose equipment, what audio editing programs are available, and how to pitch your audio stories to broadcast outlets. You’ll have opportunities to practice interviewing, writing for broadcast, and editing audio.

This is a hands-on experience: We'll begin with a 7-day free trial of the widely used Adobe Audition audio editing software. Then you will be required to purchase a one-month plan (not an annual plan paid monthly) for $31.49 that will cover the remainder of the course. Working on Audition will give you the basic skills to use on any audio editing software, which all have similarities.

We'll focus on writing for broadcast, a more concise style than writing for print, but with the same emphasis on authentic voice and powerful word usage. Your writing can be poetic, humorous, conversational, or scientific, and in this course you'll have a chance to experiment with different styles.

You’ll do some recording and get some tips on microphone vocal technique. We’ll do some short two-track mixes featuring a vocal narrative over a music bed. Please be aware that beginning audio editing is like learning to play piano or dance salsa: it takes a little time and practice. Please plan to spend a few hours per week on audio production, in addition to the writing, so you can complete the basic recording, editing, and mixing projects.

Technical requirements: You will need a basic microphone (on a headset is okay) with a USB connection, or a digital recorder. Since this is a basic course, you can even use a smartphone, such as an iPhone, and record on the Voice Memo app. You’ll just have to be able to download all your recorded sound onto your computer so you can edit in the audio software program. Audio producers have lots of personal favorites for equipment, so it’s best to start with simple but functional equipment so you enjoy the process; you can decide later on what equipment best suits your podcasting goals.

Week 1: Writing for Broadcast & Preparing the Tools
Week 2: Recording & Beginning Audio Production
Week 3: Vocal and Microphone Technique & Expanding Audio Production Skills
Week 4: Recording Your Story & Fine Audio Editing
Week 5: Podcast Showcase & Distribution Options

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