Spiritual Writing

10-Week Online Class

Spiritual Writing

September 11 - November 19

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Instructor: Jessica Griffith

In this 10-week course, we will read spiritual writing from authors of various backgrounds and traditions, some religious, some not. My context is Roman Catholicism, which also has the benefit of a rich literary canon, so often the readings will reflect my context. But even within this context I will strive to include as many different points of view as possible within our short time together, to demonstrate the flexibility and potential of this subgenre within a subgenre. Some of the examples we read may not seem conventionally spiritual at all—at least not at first. We’ll read some classics of creative nonfiction alongside contemporary essays, blog posts, prayer journals, reviews, and magazine stories. We’ll talk about many of the different ways that writing can be spiritual—not just in content but in form and practice.

We’ll also write three short essays that will help us, if not to answer the big existential questions, then at least to formulate them and test them against our own experiences. We’ll start to stake out our own territory in a genre that dates to antiquity. Writers from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome.

Week 1: Discovering The Soul
Week 2: The Soul And The Voice
Week 3: Epiphanies and Smackdowns
Week 4: Ordinary Time
Week 5: Writing about Rituals, and Rituals that Help Us Write
Week 6: Spirituality of Place
Week 7: The Spirituality of Media
Week 8: Writing (and Reading) as Prayer, Tribute, Eulogy
Week 9: The Spirituality of Work
Week 10: Finding Your Market

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