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Issue 35, The Best Creative Nonfiction, Volume 2

"Another fresh collection of exemplary essays"

Publishers Weekly

"Another fresh collection of exemplary essays"

In his follow-up to last year's volume, the first in a re-launched, annual version of his journal Creative Nonfiction, Gutkind gathers another fresh collection of exemplary essays from a wide range of authors and sources, tackling everything from multiracial love and familial exile to the connection between memory and digital photo manipulation. Relatable situations and eccentric writers keep the stories intelligent but accessible, and often poignant [...] Proving again his chops as an anthologist, Gutkind's latest collection—which also includes Heidi Julavits, Pagan Kennedy, William deBuys and the guy behind IAmGettingFat.blogspot.com—is a 30-run homer, a whirlwind of moods and thoughts captured by some of the biggest talents on the essay and blog beat.

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