See Where Writing Takes You

An interview with former online student Sally Miller

Creative Nonfiction: How did you get your start writing?

Sally Miller: I have always enjoyed writing. I studied film as an undergrad and wrote scripts as part of my course work. Since then I just wrote for enjoyment. It has been recently that I have become more focused on starting and finishing whole pieces I can submit for publication. Rhonda Miller’s online class with Creative Nonfiction really got me going again!

CNF: What does your writing process look like?

Sally Miller: I have a very loud internal editor, so often I have to really work through that and just continue to write. The practice of even just writing for twenty minutes a day is critical for me. And then I read, edit, write, edit, edit, edit! I also ask a few people for feedback so I can get perspective of what is and isn’t working.

CNF: Which CNF course(s) did you take and how did the class/instructor help you write publishable pieces?

Sally Miller: I took Boot Camp with Rhonda Miller. She is an amazing teacher and in addition to teaching she really encouraged me to keep writing. Sometimes that is half the battle to try and push past the anxieties of whether something is “good enough” and just see where the writing takes you.  Having the immediate feedback from other writers also helps. It also helps to read other people’s work. I love to see how others go through a writing process. I included a piece I had been working on and got feedback. Some was how to improve it and other comments gave me the courage to submit no matter what the outcome.

CNF: Speaking of publishing, can you tell us a bit about your experience with the venues that published your work you developed during Boot Camp? What was the editorial process like?

Sally Miller:  I have published with a literary magazine and an online humor site for women.  The online site asked me for edits and we went back and forth a few times. I made changes based on the editor’s notes.  The process was great. I appreciated the feedback and the opportunity to polish the work. A lot of being able to work like that I learned from the CNF class. I was able to get feedback from the instructor and class members. It helps you understand the process of writing. There’s always room for improvement.

The magazine that published a CNF piece did not ask for any edits. But I had worked on that essay for a while and already done many rewrites!

CNF: Can we find your work anywhere else at the moment?

Sally Miller: The story workshopped in Miller's Boot Camp was published by Adelaide Magazine and a finalist for their 2017 Best of Anthology in Creative Nonfiction.

I have also published on The Belladonna a comedy satire website online. 


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