Who We Are

In the office


Lee Gutkind, Founder & Editor 

Hattie Fletcher, Managing Editor 
Chad Vogler, Senior Editor

Stephen Knezovich, Director of Marketing & Publicity
Sharla Yates, Director of Education
Anna Hall, Designer & Marketing Assistant
Amanda Backeris, Store Manager

Patricia Park, Business Manager


In the field


Jill Patterson, Copyeditor
Dinty W. Moore, Section Editor (Exploring the Boundaries)

Victoria Blake, In Fact Books Publisher

ZAP Solutions, Web Support
Broudy Printing, Printer


Readers & Volunteers


Alton Melvar M. Dapanas
Becky Bosshart
Bethany Cerbus-Campbell
Danielle Leshaw
Emily Johnson
Emily Laubham
Jacki Skole
Josephine Fitzpatrick
Lauren Meredith
Lydia Buchanan
Mallory Matyk
Michael Gawdzik
Michele Popadich
Morgan Witkowski
Nancy Chapple
Pamela Milam
Sarah Capdeville
Sheela Clary
Stephanie Bane
Stephanie Dinkmeyer
Susan Lerner
Tracy Spangler
Ty Sassaman