Who We Are

In the office


Lee Gutkind, Founder and Editor 

Hattie Fletcher, Managing Editor 
Stephen Knezovich, Project Manager // Director of Marketing & Publicity
Chad Vogler, Assistant Editor // Subscriber Relations
Matt Spindler, Coordinating Editor
Kristina Marusic, Editorial Assistant // Conference Coordinator

Anjali Sachdeva, Director of Educational Programs
Ellen Ayoob, Co-Director, Online Education

Sara Button, Editorial Intern
Destiny Johnson, Editorial Intern
Brady Langmann, Editorial Intern
Shannon Swearingen, Editorial Assistant

Patricia Park, Business Manager
Woody Shaffer-Carr, Office Assistant


In the field


Jill Patterson, Copyeditor
Alice Bradley, Section Editor (cnfonline)
Dinty W. Moore, Section Editor (Pushing the Boundaries)
Seth Clark, Art Director
Casey Kovach, Designer

Victoria Blake, In Fact Books Publisher

ZAP Solutions, Web Support
Broudy Printing, Printer




Stephanie Bane
Brigette Bernagozzi
Craig Bernier
Rebecca Bosshart
Lauren Calabrese
Claire-Madeleine Culkin
Michael Don
Avery Keatley
Emma Kilcup
Linda Kobert
Jennifer Latson
Heather McDonald
Elizabeth McDonnell
Kim Olsen
Maggie Pahos
Chelsea Ritter
Jayme Russell
Zeynep Sen
Ryan Shek
Kaitlyn Tiffany
Nicole Tryling
Jasmine Turner
Kathryn Wells
Rachel Wilkinson
Riley Yuan
Rebekah Zook